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In-Car Driving

We schedule your driving lesson at any time convenient for you, evening, early morning, weekdays, and weekends.

We accept all Majors Credit Cards: 904-647-0427

We teach defensive driving lessons in an effort to help students reach their driving road test goals. Our many courses help you master the road. With our competitive class rates and friendly instructors, we make it easy for you to learn what you need to drive safely.
One to One Private Driver’s Lesson

Training Package A (1hr) Cost: $50.00
One hour behind the wheel. It is perfect for those looking for additional training to focus on a particular weakness.
Training Package B Cost: $110.00
This package consists of DMV road test and it is for those people that already knows how to drive but doesn't know what to expect from the test. You will have 30 minutes of driving practice before the road test (depending how far you live from DMV). We schedule the appointments. There is no need to worry about appointments or waiting in line at DMV. We also pick up the students from home, and after the test, we return them to the pick up location. Road test always takes more than 1 hour.
Training Package C (3hrs): Cost $130.00 **New**
You asked and we listened. We now offer a 3 hour refresher course, due to overwhelming demand. You can take your choice of three hours of instruction or replace two of the hours with the DMV driving test.
“All of the Packages listed below, include the DMV Road test"
Packages D, E & F come with a certificate of completion Call Us : 904-647-0427
Training Package D (6hrs) : Cost $260.00
This is a 6 hour driving course which includes basic driving, 3 point turning, backing up, parking, emergency stop, and driving on small roads, all basic for the road test, if the students are comfortable with the small roads ,we will take them to the highway. we make sure the student learn what they need.
Training Package E (8hrs): Cost $350.00
This course consists of 8 hours behind the wheel, basic driving, emergency stopping, turning, backing up, parking, with 2 hours included, driving on the interstate. This package is very convenient, plus you learn how to merge in and out of traffic on the highway, while dealing with high speed traffic, you also learn parallel parking .We will take the student back for the road test for a second time if needed.
Training Package F (12hrs): Cost $490.00
This package consists of 6 hours local roads, and 6 hours highway/interstate. First time, and returning drivers must be aware of the danger associated with highway driving: such as construction sites, bridges, concrete barriers, semi-trucks, and drivers that may cut you off. Needless to say this can all be very intimidating, therefore this package comes highly recommended for those that you hold most dear, you will also learn parking backwards, parallel parking.

** We offer transportation to and from each appointment **

Make certain you hire only commercial driving school certified instructors, who are certified by the State of Florida. If not, you are wasting your time and hard earned money

Our instructors will identify themselves during the very first session and show their credentials: the driver instructor’s state certificate, commercial driving school certification, instructor’s picture ID showing that they are employed by Jax Defensive Driving School, Inc. and the commercial car insurance which guarantees that you or your family member is fully covered against any liability.

**Be sure to ask about mixing and matching any of our listed Packages, we use the hours according to the student’s needs**
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